Welcome to the Ninth Annual Chester River Catfish Invitational
Sunday, September 4, 2016

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Rules and Regulations
Range:  All fishing will occur between Nichols Point downriver and Crumpton Bridge    
           upriver.  All tributaries therein are fair game.  No Langford-No Corsica

Fishing Times:  Lines in at 5:00 a.m.  Weigh-in 1:00 p.m. (sharp)

Location:  Weigh-in will take place at the floating dock just upriver from the  
               Chester River Bridge on the Queen Anne's shore.  Boats too large to reach  
               the beach can anchor in deeper water and a jon-boat will be sent to pick
               you up.  There will be tons of food and maybe someones i-pod hooked
               to a p.a. system so figure on hanging out for a while.

General:    1.  Each angler may weigh only one fish.  Minimum size of a weigh-able
                    fish is 18".  Under size fish will not be considered and angler 
                    will be subject to much ridicule.  This means you, Dougie.

                2.  Anglers will be responsible for their fish, however if you do not wish to 
                    keep your fish please keep it on ice until the weigh-in at which point it 
                    will be collected and stored on ice by tournament staff.  Fish will be
                    donated to local families.

                3.  Each angler may have only one line in the water at any given time.  Each 
                    line may have no more than two (2) hooks on it.  

                4.  Prize money will be awarded to first through fifth place. There will also be
     money awarded to the under 10 winner and the 11-15 winner. In   
                     addition there will be a $100 dollar bonus for breaking the tournament 

                5.  Trophy will be awarded to first place angler and may be kept in his or her
                    possession until a subsequent tournament, at which point it will be turned
                    over to the new champion.  Trophy may not be removed from Kent or 
                    Queen Anne's County.  If you win and live elsewhere, you must have a 
                    local angler store the trophy for you until the next tournament. 
                    (NO EXCEPTIONS)  Tournament chairman reserves the right to revoke   
                    trophy from anyone at any time. 

                6.  If there are any people on a boat that have not paid into the tournament,
                    they may not fish. 
                7.  All fish must be caught "hook and line" the day of the tournament.
                    This means you Clay.

                8.  No one on the boat may assist the angler once they have hooked a fish, 
                    with the exception of netting.

                9.  No fishing within one hundred feet of any nets or fish holding areas.

                10.  Entry fee is non-refundable.  

                11.  This is an honor based tournament so treat it as such.  Don't be a d**k.
                      If anyone is caught cheating they will return any winnings and be 
                      subject to multiple beatings administered by the other 200 people in
                      the tournament.  
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